Marketing and Campaign Management

Marketing activity positions the company brand and generate new precontactos allows businesses to continue to generate more business. Similary portfolio client receives information of new products and services also looking for a permanent branding doing maintenance portfolio.

With this marketing activity sales team has new precontacts as raw material for their work within the business process. Within our management program have a management module sales campaigns allowing us to bring this process. In the making of a campaign proceed to define a "target" within our database of contacts, companies and potential which is headed our sales message. All these selected contacts we let them get our offer by email or phone to achieve the objectives of generating new business expected.

Our solution has clinigreen Campaigns module that includes this management process within the ad campaign may record the budget for it besides going controlling the business opportunities that are produced from it. With this we can measure given the budget which has been the number of business opportunities generated and thereby get an idea of ​​the yield obtained after the execution of the campaign.

The Cycle of Selling Management

The sales cycle goes from the precontact is initially contacted until the sale to the acceptance of a budget closes. Within clinigreen we can perform processes such as sorting the precontact to establish their potential to ultimately transform business as a business opportunity associated with a customer and within our portfolio.

Through Module opportunities we can establish that sales phase are each of them, we can keep better managed process that leads to either close a successful sale or end closing well as lost it.

A business opportunity is a possibility of sale identified by a commercial, a greater number of business opportunities for higher quality sales will be achieved. Manage effectively the same when there is a significant volume of these is an important part of the business process. Through the module business opportunities we can control this process well.

Once a business opportunity progresses it becomes necessary to create a budget within clinigreen where this allows us to prepare bids for export PDF and sent by customers. All budgets are always well managed and recorded within this module and allows the sales team to have more control of the quantity and characteristics of all budgets in progress. Finally accepted budgets can be transformed into orders which would be reflected in firm sales of all those budgets accepted rates and products / services accepted by the customer.

Aftermarket support within the CRM

While managing incidents and requests support of our customers is one of the keys to the loyalty of our customer base and allowed to grow with them. Manage all tickets, incidents well and establish the different workflows for resolving them is a process that will let you control clinigreen through its module incidents and customer portal.

Within the customer portal module these can aperturar trouble tickets online so that these are met by our technical support team. Since the modulus of these incidents are managed and serviced, customers receive a response to your requests and those that are examples to meet future customers would be recorded in the module database crm knowledge.

Invoice Management, Purchasing and Warehouse

Within clinigreen the billing module allows us to bill our customers different budgets or orders accepted. These bills would be printed in PDF to be signed and sent to them. The sequence billing is maintained as in the regulations and the tax burden which could have each product depending on the tax applicable at all times. The discount level for each product are possible to apply to be reflected within the PDF document. All completed sales invoiced and cause a decrease in stocks in our warehouse control module. With one click you can print quotes / orders to PDF, PDF or print invoices also send both types of documents via e-mail to their customers.

Thanks to the Purchase Order module we can keep track of the various requests and contracts that we have made with our suppliers. Each entry of merchandise confirmed in an order reversed in increased stock units within the warehouse.

Rate module allows different price lists for products and services for the catalog so you can quickly update or keep track of prices.

The module of products and services do not master data tables for the preparation of invoices, orders, quotes and purchase orders. A product stands regarding a service in this first has a lot of stock to be monitored warehouse module.

Reports and Dashboards

Within clinigreen there are a number of graphical reports that allow greater control of all the information that is being produced in our company. The indicator module is a set of charts or indicators meaningful data regarding other system modules. Examples of these graphs are: number of sales per customer, number of clients by type, business opportunities by sales phase, opportunities for sale by source of contact. Indicators are graphs usually display providing that help focus attention on key trends, comparisons, and exceptions.

The Reports module allows generating tables to export to Excel, select fields or columns to generate the table or tables crossing coming from the CRM. They can be filtered, aggregated or accumulated sub to display the desired data. This reporting tool is ready to generate table data that can be printed, exported to Excel or PDF format.

What is crm Green Real Estate?
Green is a crm software web format cloud CRM Real Estate for managing customer relationship (CRM stands translated into Customer Relationship Management). This based on free software called vtiger CRM where we have implemented a number of adjustments and improvements to make a commercial product and adapted to the needs of SMEs.
clinigreen is an application for managing customer relationships 100% Open Source CRM and web format. clinigreen is targeted and focused on giving the best solution for the commercial management of SMEs (sales cycle). clinigreen allows us to manage the business process to the sale in a single common platform for all the sales team and customer.
Real estate management
Real estate activity can be managed through the functions with which our adaptation of the real estate crm. It has a module of properties to record all the real estate. At inmuelbes they were recorded visits to introduce them to contacts or precontactos. Each property can be added successive images for the subsequent publication of the same in the real estate portals.
Through cross service supply and demand are available which are contacts or precontactos that match the property within the database and from purchasing preferences of each of those contacts or precontactos.
From pre-contact or contact can access the consultation crossing supply and demand to see the set of properties that fit the same.
Through an XML export can be taken out to third real estate information portals all ready to be published.